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Here is a Premium Economy deal which takes advantages of codeshares to amplify earning while still flying Delta flights. These book into K fares on Virgin Atlantic which earn 150% of distance as RDMs and 30% of distance as MQDs

JFK-ARN would earn 11760 MQMs 2352 MQDs 2.68 MQD Ratio while Delta Diamond members would obtain 21168 RDMs, Platinum 18032 RDMs, Gold 16464 RDMs, Silver 14896 RDMs, Base 11760 RDMs

Booking as a Delta flight number, the benefit is that you can try to use an instrument to upgrade into Business Class but the earnings as a base member are paltry 11764 MQMs 781 MQDs 3905 RDMs.

Delta Premium Select

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  1. Any way to do this with a quick turn? Looks like Saturday stay might be required.


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