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Want to obtain FlyingBlue XPs for cheap? Don't mind flying for the sake of flying? Don't mind getting a Saudi visa and are ok flying a dry airline? Then this deal is made for you! At it's core this is a Cairo to Riyadh ticket that lets call it has some serious flexibility... From Alexandria, Egypt to Philippines and then after a two hours in Manila back to Saudia Arabia. 

Delta flyers would obtain 12904 MQMs and 2581 MQDs or a 2.86 MQD Ratio on this ticket.

FlyingBlue members would obtain 30 XPs for JED-MNL, 30 XPs for MNL-RUH and 30 XPs for JED-CAI-RUH and 18 XPs for JED-DMM-RUH-JED for a grand total of 108 XPs Round-trip or instant FlyingBlue Silver status...

Airbus 320 Lie-flat Business Class

Airbus 330 Business Class

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  1. Main issue is immigration in MNL. You will not be able to depart on the same plane unless you first pass immigration and return back to the gate. 2 hours is a tight time


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