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Want to obtain FlyingBlue XPs for cheap? Don't mind flying for the sake of flying? Don't mind getting a Saudi visa and are ok flying a dry airline? Then this deal is made for you! At it's core this is a Cairo to Jeddah ticket that lets call it has some serious flexibility... From Cairo, Egypt to Toronto and then after a two hours in Toronto back to Saudia Arabia. 

This is a variant of the very flexible JED fares... So you can go (Visa needed) CAI-MED-JED-YYZ-JED-CAI as a pure Mileage or XP run for some USD 612 giving you 15 XPs each way for CAI-MED and JED-CAI, 6 XPs for MED-JED and 36 XPs each way for JED-YYZ to earn a grand total of 108 XPs or instant Silver status with FlyingBlue. Mileage wise you should earn 125% of distance as RDMs or 18619 miles.

Delta flyers earn 100% as RDMs and 20% as MQDs or 14895 RDMs and 2979 MQDs for a 4.86 MQD Ratio.

This is a pure mileage run with no real time at the destination. All long flights seem to feature WiFI so in theory you could work on the flights, as since Saudia is dry as a desert no chance of booze on the flights.

Airbus 330 Business Class

Saudia Boeing 787 Business Class

Airbus 320 Lie-flat Business Class

Airbus 330 Business Class

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