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Acceptable fare from Los Angeles to Guatemala with Alaska and then a hop to Flores/Tikal with TAG. Each segment is over 2000 miles to 140 TPs per segment for a grand total of 560 TPs with British Airways and 125% of distance of Avios for a total of 5486 Avios.

Flores is a town in Guatemala’s northern Petén region. It’s on an island on Lake Petén Itzá, linked by a causeway to the town of Santa Elena. Flores is known as a gateway to nearby Mayan ruins. These include the national parks of Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo, with its migratory birds, and Tikal, with its towering temples. Tikal (/tiˈkɑːl/; Tik'al in modern Mayan orthography) is the ruin of an ancient city, which was likely to have been called Yax Mutal, found in a rainforest in Guatemala. It is one of the largest archeological sites and urban centers of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization

Alaska Boeing 737 Business Class

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