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Featuring a sale from Seoul to Cairo via Qingdao and Shanghai and is a great way to get MQDs or XPs at an affordable rate. Not many reports of in-flight service levels, which were hit or miss before the pandemic.

ICN-CAI would earn 3579 MQDs 2.00 MQD Ratio while Delta Diamond members would obtain 32214 RDMs, Platinum 27441 RDMs, Gold 25055 RDMs, Silver 22669 RDMs, Base 17897 RDMs

FlyingBlue members would earn 108 XPs (36 XPs for PVG-CAI15 XPs for ICN-TAO/PVG and 6 XPs for TAO-PVG) Mileage wise this ticket would earn 125% of distance as RDMs for a total of 29830 RDMs.

China Eastern Airbus 350 Business Class

China Eastern Business Class

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