7:46 AM

Acceptable sale with LATAM from Rio de Janeiro to Madrid via Sao Paulo.

GIG-MAD would earn 3241 MQDs 1.71 MQD Ratio while Delta Diamond members would obtain 29171 RDMs, Platinum 24849 RDMs, Gold 22688 RDMs, Silver 20528 RDMs, Base 16206 RDMs

Alaska Mileage Plan earns 200% RDMs (21,608 RDMs) and 100% EQMs (10804 EQMs)

LATAM Boeing 767 New Business Class

LATAM Boeing 787-9 New Business Class

LATAM Boeing 777 New Business Class

LATAM Boeing 787 Old Business Class
Photo (C):  Short Hair Francis
Photo (C):  Short Hair Francis
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