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Iran is just one of those countries that I've always been interested in, difficult to access on a US passport, I utilized my secondary passport in order to be able to access the country with a Visa on Arrival, this process which costs 50 euros also required me to get an invitation letter from a local tourist agency, this was a pain since due to the embargo , I had to pay a Canadian PayPal address in Euros to work around the embargo on US cards. Luckily I was able to book a FlyDubai flight without any problems.

FlyDubai FZ 271
Dubai (DXB) - Shiraz (SYZ)
Boeing 737-800

I boarded early and was able to get some decent pictures of the Business Class product. These seats look very conformable although they are recliner seats, more than sufficient for a sub-two hour flight.

Economy starts at Row 6 (an extra legroom row) which with the two exit rows costs about 100 AED per segment.

flyDubai has a hilarious safety video:

Cabin View from the back, each seat has it's own IFE with Pay-per-use option for Music or Videos, while the airshow and moving maps are free. 

Getting closer to Iran...

After landing, I waited about half an hour for a visa and then met my driver to the guesthouse where I was staying in Shiraz. The following day I hired a driver to take me to Persepolis.

Persepolis is situated 60 km northeast of the city of Shiraz in Fars ProvinceIran. The earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC. UNESCO declared the ruins of Persepolis a World Heritage Sitein 1979.

Classic Anti-USA and Israel propaganda...

Afterwards I headed back to Shiraz and spent some time exploring the city, including several of the gardens downtown...

Funky statue of a tourist posing and taking pictures...

Somehow I doubt this is an authorized Apple product...

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