8:47 AM
Condor Airlines 2302
Seychelles to Frankfurt
Boeing 767 - Business Class
February 2017

Condor Airlines recently started a second weekly flight from Germany to the Seychelles. An interesting data point is that the same crew that flies in the plane from Germany is responsible for the flight back after a layover of 14 hours. This is different than other airlines which would have a day or two at the destination.

One-way tickets were pretty affordable at 999 Euros each, a 500 premium to Economy but well worth it on such a long flight. 

Upgrades into Premium Class and Business Class from Economy were available space-pending at the airport, the flight left full in Business and Premium Class (which is a Premium Economy product).

The Business Class product is slightly dated, with a non-lie flat seat that reclines to a 170 degree angle. The seat reminded me of an old TAM or Korean Airbus 330 seat. Still it fulfilled its purpose getting out of Seychelles and avoiding connecting in the Middle East.

When we arrived onboard, our amenity kits were waiting at our seat...

The first row has two seats blocked off as a Pilot rest area

Cute amenity kit that can also be used as a tablet case

Menus were distributed while on the ground...


I started off with the appetizers

 Followed by the beef...

My wife had the risotto but wasn't a big fan...

Trio of Desserts for both of us...

After a few hours sleeping it was time for Breakfast...

Travelling Teddy bear with two new friends..

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