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Terminal 3 at London Heathrow has a variety of lounges available for passengers flying in First Class/ Business Class or those who have OneWorld Emerald or Sapphire  status. This variety of lounges allows passengers who arrive a bit early to the airport to almost do a Tour-de-Lounges or Lounge hop trying out the different lounges and the distinct factors that differentiate each lounge.

Our last stop in the Tour de Lounges is the British Airways Galleries First lounge which offers passengers a variety of hot dishes as well as a sit down restaurant.

British airways runs London and has such a large presence that all their flights don't fit in Terminal 5 so certain flights such as BCN depart from T3. Due o this presence in multiple terminals British Airways operates both a Business and First class lounge in T3.

This review focuses on the First Class lounge which food wise has a buffett and a sit down restaurant and a variety of beverages on offer via self serve.

another feature that has a love hate relationship is the BA Burger with Bacon.

some people hate it as due to health and safety reasons, they only serve the burgers "well done". But still it whrn done well is quite tasty.

The best feature of this lounge is that they offer Johnnie Walker Blue which can retail at over $200 a bottle. Basically it's heaven for those that enjoy JW Blue and one can even access this lounge when flying in coach if one has OneWorld Emerald status.


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