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Terminal 3 at London Heathrow has a variety of lounges available for passengers flying in First Class/ Business Class or those who have OneWorld Emerald or Sapphire  status. This variety of lounges allows passengers who arrive a bit early to the airport to almost do a Tour-de-Lounges or Lounge hop trying out the different lounges and the distinct factors that differentiate each lounge.

The Qantas lounge opened in 2017 and has received very positive reviewed although in my opinion the best lounge is the Cathay Pacific lounge.

I visited the lounge around 3 PM and with no Qantas flights till the evening the lounge was pretty empty.

There are two bars, with the downstairs bar having an excellent selection of Gins, an alcoholic beverage that is not my forte. I am a whiskey/bourbon man so I cannot comment on them but I have heard strong positive feedback.

Food is available in the form of a buffet on the second floor with a variety of salads, cheeses, soup and a hot dish in this case beef with couscous.

You could also create your own version of an afternoon tea with the biscuits, cream and jam that were also located in the buffet area.

As a Business Class lounge, Qantas has done an excellent job and provides a refined yet modern feel lounge. Food options should satisfy most passengers and having two bar areas allows passengers to interact with other flyers.


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