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The TAP lounge is the new kid in town when it comes to LIS lounges. This lounge was opened in June 2017 and has set the standard for food and beverage options in the Lisboa lounge scene.

A fully stocked bar with bartender...

The TAP color scheme (red and green) is visible from the get-go in the lounge.

This lounge has a huge variety of food options ranging from salads to hot dishes and a variety of desserts.

Similar to the ANA lounge, the seating area includes great views of the tarmac and runway

Another interesting fact is that this lounge had a variety of jars of baby food, something that I had never seen in a lounge and of great value to a passenger with young children.

The opening of this lounge has reduced crowding at the ANA lounge and while it can be busy at times it serves as a great addition to Lisbon Airport.

Overall, TAP with this lounge solved a major issue that it had, which was using 3rd Party lounges at their min hub. Beverages and Food wise this lounge is miles above the ANA lounge next door, but it can get crowded especially in the afternoon/early evening when may of TAP's long-haul flying takes place.


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