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ANA Lounge Lisbon

Until June 2017, the major lounge at Lisbon airport was the ANA lounge which serves a variety of carriers from LCCs to Full Service carriers.

Both of these lounges are accessed via an escalator / elevator from the central part of the airport to one floor above where it shares the floor with the TAP Premium Lounge.

Stairway to the Lounges...

View from outside

The lounge has some great views of the tarmac and excellent seating availability. 

The lounge offers a selection of beverages and sandwiches as well as showers (E 15.50) Officially this charge covers the use of a towel and toiletries, but not sure what would happen if you had your own towel.

More seating areas, the overall foot traffic of the lounge went down significantly since the TAP lounge opened. 

The lounge at times can feel crowded and at times a ghost town. Overall one of the best features of the lounge are the views of the tarmac and the Nespresso machines located across the lounge.

The lounge also has a smoking area.

Overall the lounge provides a respite from the crowds bellow as both the ANA and TAP lounges are accesible via an Escalator above the general public.

Just around the wall from the main food area is a small "bar" zone with additional wines, hard liquors and some more coffee machines.

Food quality is acceptable but can't compare to the variety of options at the TAP lounge. There are a variety of self serve Portuguese wines which help pass the time.


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