9:27 AM
Iberia Sala VIP Dali (Schengen lounge)

After the short hop across the pond it was time to enjoy the short layover before my flight to Geneva where I was meeting my wife so we could spend her birthday in the Alps.

We spent a lovely day in Geneva, using the ferries to get some great views of the city and enjoyed a lovely Fondue dinner.

A selection of newspapers and magazines mixed in with some funky guitars used as props/decoration.

The general seating area was well spaced out across the lounge and made the lounge not feel as full as it was after the 8-9 AM rush.

Food during the morning hours was limited to a variety of pastries, juices and fruit. Heavier options are available during the lunch and dinner hours.

Overall the lounge feels very open and spacious. This is a benefit of the T4 terminal at Barajas which has a very airy design.

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