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Pretty good deal if you are willing to fly Saudia (a dry airline). From Milan to Jakarta they have a fare of €475 or $551 one-way is a pretty good deal. Milan is easily accessible from all over Europe and Jakarta serves as a base to fly to other parts of South East Asia such as Bangkok, Bali, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

The flight is operated from Europe to Saudi Arabia on an Airbus 320 with recliner seats and the long-haul on a Boeing 777 with lie-flat seats. Depending on the day of the week, some flights require an overnight layover in Jeddah, which can cause visa-issues for most travelers. But on other days such as July 13 just have a two hour layover.

Long-haul flights are operated by a two-class Boeing 777 with lie-flat seats.

Short-haul flights are operated by Airbus 320 planes which may feature these new reconfigured seats.

For US flyers, this credits at 100% to Delta and gives 20% MQDs or 7336 miles and 1467 MQDs which help in qualifying for status.

At PremiumCabinDeals, our team can work with you on a consulting session to plan a trip around this fare if based in other parts of Europe. For travelers near Milan we can also work to figure out dates and how to position in order to to take advantage of this "Premium Cabin Deal" ! 😃

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