You can earn Delta MQMs, RDMs and MQDs from at least 482 unique airfare buckets across 4 types of cabin (First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy) and subcategories within each area on over 20 different airlines!!

There is a huge range of earning opportunities from 200% MQM, 300% RDMs and 60% of distance as MQDs on the high-end to as little as 0 MQMs, RDMs and MQDs! 

How to obtain Delta Status?

Delta was the first airline to attach a spending requirement to their elite status requirements for members living in the United States, if you "live" abroad you can get a waiver, but for most US flyers you need to fulfill the requirements which vary depending on each status level but vary between 3000-15,000 in "spending" depending on the the level you wish to obtain.

This was usually interpreted as a highly negative change for those of us who play the mileage game, but every-time a door closes a window opens up allowing us to continue to maximize our status at the lowest cost.

Partner airlines are key to obtaining miles and spend at a low out of pocket price: 

Here are some examples

Aeromexico Sales:

Aeromexico: USA to Ecuador from $860 and earn 3000+ MQDs!

JFK from $860 - 12088 MQMs, 16116 RDMs and 3223 MQDs
Los Angeles from $863 -  10478 MQMs, 13968 RDMs and  2793 MQDs
Las Vegas from $894 -  10340 MQMs, 13784 RDMs and  2756 MQDs
Chicago from $863 -  10876 MQMs, 14500 RDMs and  2900 MQDs 

Over 5000 MQDs with a spend ratio of almost 4 to 1! You would also become Delta Gold in just one flight!

JFK-Cancun Sale
This is another fare from late September 2018 which gives a Spend ratio of 3 to 1! 8667  MQMs and RDMs on this fare and 2311 MQDs all on a fare of just $790!


This fare from late September 2018 would allow you to earn just over 6000 MQMs and RDMs on this fare and 1672 MQDs all on a fare of just $622! A Spend ratio of 2.5 to 1!

China Eastern Sales

LAX-Delhi Sale

LAX has been having it's fair share of deals to Asia on Chinese carriers. These fares especially the China Eastern fares work great for Delta flyers who wish to pad up their required spend as Delta credits MQDs at 40% of flown miles for paid Business Class on China Eastern

In effect a $1791 Business Class fare from Los Angeles to New Delhi via Shanghai earns almost $7325 MQDs! A Ratio of 4 to 1 on MQD Spend/Dollar Spend!

LAX-Beijing Sale

MQD's equal to 40% of flown miles, and RDM's of 200% of miles flown. So on a simple round-trip we are talking about 16148 MQMs32296 RDMs and MQDs of $6460!! All while flying Business Class and enjoying a weekend or longer trip in Asia.

In effect a $2165 Business Class fare earns almost $6460 MQDs! A Ratio of 3 to 1 on MQD Spend/Dollar Spend!

China Airlines Sales

China Airlines had an interesting sale (Premium Economy) from San Francisco to Sydney via Taipei, Taiwan. This credits at 100% or 21960 MQMs and RDMs to Delta and as 4392 MQDs! This is a Ratio of almost 3 to 1!!

Alitalia Sales

Alitlia: Milan to Maldives for €1279 and earn 3844 MQDs!
Enjoy paradise while collecting 3844 MQDs, 19224 RDMs and 14418 MQMs!

Alitalia Rio-Europe Sale:
This sale from July 2018 allowed passengers to fly with Alitalia from Brazil to Europe for just over 1000 EUR. In this case, Alitalia "I Class" credits at 200% RDM for a Delta flyer and gives 40% of flown distance as MQDs some 4950 MQDs and 18,410 MQMs!!

Saudia Sales

Saudia is not as lucrative as Aeromexico... They only give MQDs of 20% of distance compared to 40%!

On several occasions this year, Saudia has had sales from Rome to Jakarta back in May, Milan to Jakarta  in July or Rome / Milan to Indian Subcontinent/South East Asia in September 

Kenya Airlines Sales

Kenya Airlines is similar to Saudia as it is not as lucrative as Aeromexico... They only give MQDs of 20% of distance compared to 40%!

They have had some nice sales over the past few months such as:

Johannesburg to BostonRound-trip was just $1415 and would give 18324 MQMs and RDMs 3665 MQDs as Spend is based on a % of flown distance. 

Amsterdam to Seychelles Round-trip is just €1500 and would give 10890 MQMs and RDMs 2178 MQDs as Spend is based on a % of flown distance .

Seychelles to New YorkRound-trip is just $1560 and would give 17328 MQMs and RDMs 3466 MQDs as Spend is based on a % of flown distance .

Aeroflot Sales:

Aeroflot also gives just 20% of distance as MQDs but they have had some nice sales over the last few weeks...
Flights were available from Warsaw, Poland to Seoul, South Korea. Delta flyers earn 4,819 miles and 963 MQDs, a ratio of 2-1
Cheapest flights are to Tenerife in the Canary Islands at $1480 with other cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt and Munich starting at $1809.


Here at PremiumCabin.Deals we speak status and can help you find loopholes and ways to increase your MQD spend at the lowest out of pocket price! Reach out to us


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