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This is part 1 of a 5 part Trip Report from Buenos Aires to Colonia Uruguay.
Part 1Buquebus Business Class Lounge - Buenos Aires
Part 2: Buquebus Business Class: Buenos Aires to Colonia
Part 3: Sheraton Colonia Spa and Golf
Part 4: Around Colonia
Part 5: Buquebus Business Class Colonia to Buenos Aires

Buquebus operates a Business Class service on most of their boats. The increase in cost is minimal relative to Economy class and it has some benefits. Many of these benefits are not that great or have potential but are not used correctly.

One of these benefits is Lounge access at their terminal in Buenos Aires, in practice, this is almost a joke.
There is a sign indicating the lounge but no one really controls the access into the lounge. You don't have people accessing it without permission so its not an issue.

Now there is a cafe at the end of the lounge but the only free items are coffee and medialunas (traditional South American Croissants) but if you want a bottle of water or soda you have to pay for it (75 ARS) same with the medialunas, if you prefer a cookie instead, its pay up time... Seems to really set in motion the half baked experience of Buquebus Business Class...

Overall the Lounge was empty with just a few other passengers using it, Boarding was called and as we were Business Class we could skip the line and not deal with the long lines in Coach.

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