This is part 5 of a 5 part Trip Report from Buenos Aires to Colonia Uruguay.
Part 1Buquebus Business Class Lounge - Buenos Aires
Part 2: Buquebus Business Class: Buenos Aires to Colonia
Part 3: Sheraton Colonia Spa and Golf
Part 4: Around Colonia
Part 5: Buquebus Business Class Colonia to Buenos Aires

We had a different boat this time and boarding was chaotic with an almost free for all boarding methodology.
This boat had Business Class on the upper deck and it felt like a bad 1970s stylist had gone to town with the design.

The Buquebus hub was chaotic with the promised fixed price taxi machines nowhere insight.  
outside its dominated by the taxi mafias so its best to walk a block or two to hail a cab or rideshare car.

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